Air Fryer Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies

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Welcome to my Airfryer dark chocolate chunk cookies recipe.

Welcome to my Air fryer dark chocolate chunk cookies recipe. Featuring delicious chunks of dark chocolate in the best ever vanilla flavoured cookies.

Perfect for a quick cookie sensation via the Philips Airfryer and a family favourite here in the Milner household.

I have this problem. It’s a really big problem…..I am addicted to cookies. They are just so addictive and I can never just stop at one.

The smell. The texture. The chewy sensation. The melted chocolate in the middle. Need I go on?

Even talking about it now and I want a big fat dark chocolate chunk cookie.

Maybe that is the reason why people with discipline are super skinny and I am not.

But I would rather have cookies than be a size zero, as life is for living and life is for these dark chocolate chunk cookies!!!

Well can you blame me?

Welcome to my Airfryer dark chocolate chunk cookies recipe. Featuring delicious chunks of dark chocolate in the best ever vanilla flavoured cookies.

What I tend to do is overload them with vanilla essence, then break into them tiny little chunks of dark chocolate.

I will buy a big bar of dark chocolate and then each square will be broken up into about 3-4 and then I will add them to the cookies last.

I will poke them into the top of the cookies and then they leave a nice surprise as you bite into them.

Or at Christmas what I will do is have a flattened out cookie shape, add a little dark chocolate and then wrap the cookie round it.

That will leave a chunk of cookie in the centre, I will then turn it into a ball.

Then the person getting the dark chocolate chunk cookies will not know about the dark chocolate and then all of a sudden the ball will explode in their mouth to reveal the best ever chocolate sensation.

Dominic asks for these all the time, but I point out that we would end up the size of a house if we ate them all the time.

Though I have to have a LOT of self discipline as otherwise I would eat dark chocolate chunk cookies all the time.

But best of all I cook them in the Airfryer. This is a fantastic way of doing things as Airfryer cookies taste so chewy, goey and crunchy all at the very same time.

They really do taste 300% better than ones that are oven baked.

Plus if you are anything like us, if you forget about them, the Airfryer will stop after the time is up.

Then you wont feel like such an idiot, if you normally burn them by forgetting that they are still cooking away in the oven.

Welcome to my Philips Airfryer chocolate chunk cookies made with dark chocolate.

Chocolate Chunk Cookies Vs Chocolate Chip Cookies

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There is often a big fat cookie debate over whether or not to use chocolate chunks or chocolate chips.

Chocolate chunks give you a melt in your mouth sensation, but less of them feature in the actual cookie.

Chocolate chips however tend to be more expensive to buy, but more of them go into a cookie.

Both are perfect for the cookie addict and for the frugal family its best to use a mix of both or whether the cheapest type is.

I will leave the decision up to you!

Airfryer Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Melt in your mouth dark chocolate chunk cookies made with delicious 70% dark chocolate, brown sugar and honey. A chocolate addicts dream come true.
Prep Time10 mins
Cook Time10 mins
Total Time20 mins
Course: Dessert
Cuisine: Air Fryer
Servings: 8
Calories: 439kcal



  • Beat the brown sugar into the butter until it is nicely creamed and you don’t have that gritty brown sugar feeling.
  • Stir in the white sugar, honey, vanilla, salt and egg. After a quick mix return to the hand mixer for a couple of minutes or until it is well mixed. Use a fork to get the excess from down the sides of the bowl.
  • Add the flour and mix well and then use your hands to form cookie shapes.
  • Layer them onto a chopping board or a clean worktop.
  • Using your hands break up the dark chocolate into ¼ of a chunk so that each square has 4 pieces. Now push those pieces into the top of the cookies so that they remain at the top and will be easily visible when cooked.
  • Place them onto the grill pan inside of the Airfryer and cook for 10 minutes on 180c/350f.
  • Serve with milk.


Go with a decent quality dark chocolate. Aim for around the 70-75% cocoa for the best results.
Remember to use self raising flour when possible. It has a raising agent already in it and it saves buying lots of other add on products.
One of my favourite things to do is to chop up the chocolate pieces with a julienne peeler set. You can then give the impression of big chocolate chips without having to buy a separate pack from the supermarket. Or alternatively melt your chocolate into pretty moulds.
I like to make my dark chocolate chunk cookies into roughly 3 tablespoon size per cookie. Use your hands to make the dough balls and it will be of an easy sticky mixture to roll out with.
A good tip – flour your hands prior to rolling them out as it will help stop them sticking to your hands.


Calories: 439kcal | Carbohydrates: 55g | Protein: 7g | Fat: 21g | Saturated Fat: 12g | Trans Fat: 1g | Cholesterol: 75mg | Sodium: 135mg | Potassium: 188mg | Fiber: 3g | Sugar: 25g | Vitamin A: 457IU | Vitamin C: 1mg | Calcium: 38mg | Iron: 2mg
Nutrition InfoPlease Note: Nutrition values are our best estimate based on the software we use at Recipe This and are meant as a guide. If you rely on them for your diet, use your preferred nutrition calculator.
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Best Ever Airfryer Cookies

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No surprise I am sure, to read that these are not our only cookies here at We are totally and utterly in love with cookies and we can’t just stop with one type of them.

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