Slow Cooker Topside Roast Beef

slow cooker topside roast beef recipe

Slow Cooker Roast Beef. How to cook a delicious topside roast beef in the slow cooker, including a healthy beef gravy. This slow cooker beef joint is incredibly tender and flavoursome and perfect for a slow cooker Sunday roast. But I have something even better than our slow cooker beef joint for you to check … Read more

Slimming World Chicken Casserole In Slow Cooker

slimming world chicken casserole recipe

Slimming World Chicken Casserole. This delicious Slimming World chicken casserole is made in the slow cooker. Loaded with fresh vegetables, beans, and chicken breast, it is a hearty slow cooker winter warmer. Serve it with instant pot steamed brown rice for the ultimate family dinner. But I have something even better than our slow cooker … Read more

Slow Cooker English Breakfast

slow cooker full english breakfast at

Slow Cooker English Breakfast. How to make a delicious slow cooker breakfast that is like your favourite breakfast in a can. Can be made ahead and cooked overnight, can also be Slimming World friendly. This English breakfast is also a money saver and includes our number #1 leftovers hack. Slow Cooker English Breakfast People ask … Read more

Slow Cooker Leftover Turkey Curry

slow cooker leftover turkey curry at

Leftover Turkey Curry. How to make a delicious, yet healthy turkey curry from your Thanksgiving or Christmas turkey leftovers. Ideal for an easy to prep one pot dinner and tastes amazing. Leftover Turkey Curry One of my favourite days of the year for grocery shopping is Boxing Day. I look forward to it from when … Read more

Slow Cooker Lancashire Hotpot

slow cooker lancashire hotpot recipe

Slow Cooker Lancashire Hotpot. Delicious braised lamb, carrots and a creamy sauce, together with a sliced potato topping come together perfectly in the slow cooker. It is gluten free and ideal for healthy weeknight dinners. Our slow cooker Lancashire hotpot was originally shared on Recipe This in 2016. This is the updated version reflects converting … Read more