Instant Pot 6 Litre Vs 8 Litre: Which One Should You Buy?

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Welcome to Instant Pot 6 Litre vs 8 Litre debate and which one should you buy. There is so many options when you’re choosing which Instant Pot you want to have in your kitchen that it can be confusing, therefore I wanted to share with you exactly what we have here at

If you are thinking about buying an Instant Pot then I am sure you will be wondering what size you need to buy.

We are a family of 5 and have had the debate in our household for ages.

Should we get the 6 litre or should we get the 8 litre Instant Pot?

Well we had the decision actually taken out of our hands because when we came to buy the 8 litre wasn’t available.

Therefore we decided to try out the 6 litre, then we thought if it wasn’t big enough then we can always upgrade at a later date.

The key in choosing your Instant Pot size is to ask yourself the following questions:

#1 Are You A Big Eater?

I would say we are not. We don’t eat big portion sizes and tend to eat off a dish rather than a large dinner plate as we rarely can fill a big plate.

We will share a small chicken (I have heard them being referred to as mini chickens in the US) and then have it with some carrots and courgettes and this will fill us up.

Also in the time that we have owned the 6 litre I don’t think we have filled it to the top maximum line more than twice.

#2 How Big Is Your Meat?

Now this is a very interesting question. If you plan to be cooking a whole turkey in your Instant Pot then a 6 litre will not cut it.

The same goes for other poultry that is on the large side. If you do it in the 8 litre it will fit nicely and you won’t have to worry about it not coming to pressure.

#3 Do You Bulk Cook?

If you are into the mass production of dump meals, freezer meals, making a huge broth then those extra 2 litres may well come in handy.

If you think of the cooking like the huge cola bottles then each one of those is 2 litres. So, going for the 8 litre instead of the 6 litre is like 4 of those bottles instead of 3 of them.

If bulk cooking is going to be a part of your life, then maybe look at getting the bigger one.

#4 How Many People Are You Feeding?

For us we are a family of five. BUT 2 of our children are under the age of 3. Therefore right now it is like feeding 3 adults and 1 child.

We have both the 8 litre and the 6 litre but rarely fill the 6 litre.

If you are mum and dad and have 3 teenagers then I would advise the 8 litre because that is a lot of bodies to feed and an 8 litre would be perfect.

However if you are just parents to one child then a 6 litre would be fine.

#5 Do You Do Multiple Dishes?

Now this interesting. If you cook the potatoes on the bottom and then the meatloaf on top then its always better to have more space. Just like if you make wedding cakes in your Instant Pot and balance several layers of it at once. Then these are times when bigger is better.

Maybe You Are JUST Like Us!

You might on the other hand be just like us. You might just cook regular meals in the Instant Pot. Your portion sizes might me medium rather than large and you still use your oven from time to time. Or you might even use an Airfryer for your sides.

If this is YOU then maybe just stick with the 6 litre.

If you are wondering what we do have in our kitchen….well we have both. We have the 6 litre for regular sized meals and for anything really big we have the mega sized 8 litre.

What Is An Instant Pot?

If you have missed the Instant Pot popularity or what it is, then it is basically a brand of electric pressure cookers. People just tend to use the word Instant Pot when describing it as it’s a popular brand that people own.

Just like when people talk about slow cookers, they often use the word Crockpot rather than slow cooker as it is so much easier to say it like that.

It does a lot more than what you get with a regular electric pressure cooker and the infographic below explains in a lot more detail about what the Instant Pot is and how it can help you in YOUR kitchen:

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Litre Vs Quart

When you talk about the Instant Pot, some people refer to its size in quarts and some in litres. There is no right or wrong answer here. It is just a case that the litre is the measurement used on metric and quarts are for people that work with imperial. If you are in America then the likelihood is that you work off quarts, whereas us Europeans and the Australians work with litres.

The difference between the 2 sizes is very little so when you see someone mention quarts then just think litres and vice versa.

What We Thought Of The Instant Pot Sizes

What We Thought Of The Instant Pot Sizes

When we first took delivery of our 8 litre Instant Pot we thought it was huge. But as we got used to it we thought it was a rather good size and perfect for big meals or for when you are cooking multiple things at once.

I suggest that when you first start with an Instant Pot that you start with a smaller size. Then you can see how you get along with it and then upgrade later if you want to. We cooked om the 6 litre for nearly a year before we upgraded.

Buy The Instant Pot

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