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We were raised in Northern England and now live in Portugal. This means that recipes are often created with a British vibe and will often have UK/EU measurements, UK temperatures and often use British terminology.

We do try our best to cater for everyone, but it is hard to do this when you have a worldwide audience. We have readers from the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Ireland, Germany and many other places too.

Also, because some ingredients are called different things from different parts of the world we link to them when possible on Amazon. Because all the countries we have traffic from have an Amazon, it gives everyone the chance to source the ingredients we use in our recipes.

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Top10 best ever kitchen gadget recipes to try

We often talk about our favourite kitchen gadgets. The ones we can’t live without in our kitchen. Here is the lowdown of our top 10 kitchen gadgets that if we were broke, we would just own these and these only.

Recently updated to reflect 15+ years of cooking with kitchen gadgets and to reflect kitchen gadgets that we can’t last more than 2 days without using.

These are perfect for adding to your Amazon Wish List and to get them as you can afford them. Or if you’re getting married these are a must have for your wedding gift list.

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