Whole 30 Airfryer Rosemary Sweet Potatoes

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Welcome to my Whole 30 Airfryer rosemary sweet potatoes recipe.

Welcome to my Whole 30 Airfryer rosemary sweet potatoes recipe. This recipe is all about delicious easy to make, crispy sweet potato slices that you can serve with a homemade Whole 30 dip.

Perfect for a snack or for when you are entertaining guests during your Whole 30 challenge.

This recipe is actually only here because of the need to be frugal.

I grew up in England and left the UK in 2008. The whole time I was there it was all about fruit and vegetables looking perfect.

The supermarkets wouldn’t take fruit and vegetables to sell from farmers unless it looked perfect.

This meant that unless you spent time with farmers or had your own allotment you would never have seen misshaped vegetables and wouldn’t really know what to do with it.

air fryer potato cookbook featured in

Also back then sweet potatoes were not popular and have only become popular recently. This means that you wouldn’t have seen all the different shapes that you can get from a sweet potato.

Yet you buy some sweet potatoes (or a bag of them in our case) and you end up with some really weird shaped ones that would be a total nightmare to peel and slice for fries or for mashed potatoes and in the end you give up and look shocked when you get one small cube from one potato.

But instead grab those silly shaped small ones and instead slice them into medium slices, sauté them in fresh rosemary, cook them in the skins in the Airfryer and wow you have a delicious snack from the odds and ends.

Then if you are looking for something easy to serve for the rest of the family during the Whole 30 then you can make them this.

It is also fantastic for a great girls night in or for the boys when they are watching the football.

Whole 30 Airfryer Rosemary Sweet Potatoes

Prep Time2 mins
Cook Time20 mins
Total Time22 mins
Servings: 2



  • Preheat your Airfryer to 180c.
  • Wash your rosemary and separate it into 2 piles. Put one pile to one side and with the other finely chop it.
  • Slice your sweet potato (with the skins on) into medium slices. Drizzle them in olive oil and season them with salt and pepper. Place them in the Airfryer, sprinkle the small bits of rosemary over and cook for 15 minutes at 180c.
  • After 15 minutes shake them and cook for a further 5 minutes at 200c to crisp them up.
  • Season with fresh uncooked rosemary and serve with some homemade Paleo ranch dressing.


If all your sweet potato pieces are small you will need to adjust the time to 10 minutes and then 3 minutes as they will be overcooked otherwise.
Instead of ranch dressing a homemade mayonnaise is also a delicious dipping sauce for your sweet potatoes.
You could also use these are your base with the seasoning. Add a Mexican spice mix for spicy version or garam masala for ann Indian version.
We also used the grill pan accessory that you can buy for the Philips XL airfryer. It gives you that lovely just grilled look on the potatoes and stops the rosemary getting stuck to the basket.
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Whole 30 Day 22

I am back with my day 22 on the Whole 30. I always thought that my son was incredibly healthy. Then I entered his bedroom. Like any teenager he has his own pocket money and can buy what he likes with it.

He eats a huge amount of fruit and vegetables at home and has no issue eating broccoli. He also loves food out of the Airfryer or the Instant Pot and will load his plate up with vegetables if we are out at a buffet restaurant.

But in his bedroom I found huge amounts of crisp, fizzy drink and chocolate wrappers. Clearly he likes to balance out his vegetables with his processed foods.

He came home from school the other day asking what was in the slow cooker and I mentioned it was cauliflower and his response was “I thought it was something good”. I think he was having a cauliflower hate day!

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What I ATE On Day TWENTY TWO  Of The Whole 30

Whole 30 | Find out about our Whole 30 Meal Plan during day 22 of the Whole 30 Challenge from RecipeThis.com

Today has been a delicious day. We were shopping yesterday and therefore our fridge, our worktop and our pantry is full to bursting with fresh food. So it has given us the chance to eat lots of it up.

Breakfast = Fruit Salad

Lunch = Chicken Salad

Dinner = Chicken & Sweet Potatoes

Exercise = 5km Country Run/Walk

For breakfast today it was leftover fruit made into a big fruit salad. It was a mix of fresh fruit, with some avocado and some spare sweet potatoes that we had left over.

Then for lunch we had a chicken salad. I was working all day so Dominic made me one with a delicious drizzling of olive oil and it was just so good!

For dinner we have some leftover chicken from lunch (as it is amazing how far one whole chicken can stretch) and then we had it with these rosemary sweet potatoes.

Take Action

Now how about joining me in your own Whole 30? Join me in the whole 30 diet challenge and have 30 full days of delicious home cooked meals. Get better, get rid of the health problems associated with a bad diet and fall in love with food all over again.

You can find out more about the Whole 30 here or read the rest of our Whole 30 posts here.

Whole 30 Airfryer Rosemary Sweet Potatoes

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