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Instant Pot Beef Brisket for me shouts out the best ever sandwiches.
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Instant Pot Beef Brisket

Get excited over beef brisket with this Instant Pot Pressure Cooker version. Tender slices of beef, a delicious meaty sauce and big fat bread buns make this just perfect.
Prep Time5 mins
Cook Time45 mins
Total Time50 mins
Servings: 6


The Sauce


  • Start with a sharp knife by scoring your brisket, giving it several medium sized slits.
  • Place your beef brisket on a chopping board and season well with paprika, salt and pepper and rub it into the top sides and bottom.
  • Place 1 cup (240ml) of water into the bottom of your Instant Pot Inner Pot. Place the brisket on top and set the Instant Pot to sealing.
  • Cook the beef brisket on manual for 40 minutes.
  • While the beef brisket is cooking make/cook your bread buns.
  • After it beeps use quick pressure release and place the beef brisket back on your chopping board.
  • Make sure it is free from any excess liquid and then rub a little extra salt, pepper and paprika.
  • Place it on the grill pan inside of your Airfryer. Cook at 180c/360f for 5 minutes to crisp it up.
  • Make your sauce. Mix together 250ml of your stock from the bottom of your Instant Pot. Add to it salt, pepper, paprika, cayenne pepper, barbecue seasoning, garlic puree. Mix it well and thicken it up with a little corn flour.
  • 10. When the Airfryer beeps remove the beef brisket, slice it up and serve inside your bread buns with your sauce.


When your beef brisket has finished cooking in the Instant Pot and the Airfryer make sure you have sharpened up your knives first before you slice it up as it’s very easy to slip with blunt knives when chopping a beef cut like brisket.
You could use our homemade bread buns or you could use shop bought. If you do make your own, then you can use the Airfryer to prove them. Then cook the bread buns first and the Airfryer will be nice and warm for crisping your beef brisket.
The brisket that we used was 2.6 kilos and was enough to make 6 decent sized sandwiches or if you are tight on portions you could stretch it to 8 people. It is a good idea to season it a second time before it goes in the Airfryer. This is because pressure cookers remove some of the flavouring the way it is cooked.
We have found the best place to source beef brisket to make Instant Pot Beef Brisket is from ButcherBox. You even receive free bacon and $10 off your first order when you sign up with this link.
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