Air Fryer Frozen Mini Pizza

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Air Fryer Frozen Mini Pizza. Follow our Air Fryer frozen food guide for showing you how to quickly cook frozen mini pizzas in the air fryer. Simple and delicious our frozen mini pizzas are perfect for a quick snack or when you are craving mini pizza.

Air Fryer Frozen Mini Pizza

As it is Christmas in just a few days (well at the time of writing this), I thought that there isn’t a better time to indulge in some delicious frozen treats in the air fryer.

Air fryer frozen food that you can throw in and cook and then always have something delicious to offer to your guests.

We are starting our air fryer frozen food haul with one of the best ever frozen food treats and that is the frozen mini pizza.

Did someone mention frozen mini pizza? Well if you did then I am there with bells and whistles waiting for the frozen mini pizza party to start!

I have loved pizza for as long as I can remember.

During my teens I probably ate the most pizza, as that’s the time of your life when it doesn’t go straight on your stomach and thighs and you don’t have to worry about your weight.

Or maybe because I didn’t eat it more than once a week and used to swim a lot!

I was also a very lucky girl as who else can say that they have a pizza restaurant at the end of their street?

It changed into a Chinese when I was in my 20’s and is now a Hawaiian restaurant, but back in the 90’s it served me the most delicious cheese pizza as well as fresh garlic bread that you could watch them cook.

My parents would go out for dinner with friends on a night and I would be at home watching some movies with a takeaway. I was never driven my money.

I have always liked saving money and would never consider myself to have an expensive taste.

Even now at the age of 36, I still go crazy for a bargain. I love to buy clearance food and get excited when I find a new bargain.

My takeaway demands where all under £6. A cheese pizza with onion rings and French fries was my most expensive choice.

My cheapest being the chippy on the street behind us for £1 for chips and onion gravy.

Or my medium priced choice was chips, prawn crackers and sweet and sour sauce from the Chinese takeaway for £2.

Pizza won the most and I loved having a cheese pizza to myself and being able to watch what I wanted, and I am sure I was no different to most 12 year olds.

Now with an air fryer I can just buy some frozen mini pizzas and just throw them in the air fryer and eat the most amazing little pizzas. They are also cheap to buy and make a takeaway seem expensive.

If you’re watching your weight, then its even better as they are just a few bites, making them a good frozen food choice.

Air Fryer Frozen Food For Beginners Ebook Page

Unlike my 12 year old self I now have competition in the frozen mini pizza stakes. She goes by the name of Sofia, is 4 years old, adores Peppa Pig and loves a frozen mini pizza that has been warmed up in the air fryer.

Air Fryer Frozen Mini Pizza Sofia Enjoying 3 Frozen Mini Pizzas With Extra Mayo[/caption]

Air Fryer Frozen Mini Pizza

Air Fryer Frozen Mini Pizza

I would love to add huge frozen pizzas to my air fryer, but sadly they wont fit. Instead we can easily fit lots and lots of air fryer frozen mini pizzas in there instead.

Using the air fryer grill pan it’s like having your own professional grill warming up pizza for you, for whenever you fancy some pizza.

Or what I love to do because I only have one air fryer is to warm up my frozen mini pizza packs first, then follow this up with air fryer French Fries.

Then keep the pizza warm in the oven so that you can have a big pizza and fries feast.

I have also noticed that the supermarkets have a wide range of choice when it comes to frozen mini pizza.

If you love cheese pizza, pepperoni, Hawaiian or even a meat feast, then you’re spoilt for choice.

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Helpful Tools For Making Our Air Fryer Frozen Mini Pizza

The Philips Air Fryer – I’m a huge fan of the Philips Air Fryer and it’s the Philips XL that we currently have in our kitchen at home. Its perfect for making lots of mini pizzas at once as well as cooking your fries and onion rings to go with your frozen mini pizza.

The Air Fryer Grill Pan – This is a MUST for cooking with the air fryer and we use ours a LOT. Instead of the air fryer basket you replace it with a grill pan and its perfect for food that you would normally use a grill for.

Or for things that would be sticky and that you would have to spend hours scrubbing the air fryer basket otherwise.

Air Fryer Grill Pan

If you click on the banner below you can access all our recommended air fryer accessories that you should invest in for your air fryer:

How To Cook Frozen Food In The Air Fryer – We also have a helpful blog post where we share with you even more of our favourite frozen food recipes in the air fryer. It includes frozen onion rings, frozen French fries and even frozen burgers.

Air Fryer Frozen Mini Pizza

Air Fryer Frozen Mini Pizza

Air Fryer Frozen Mini Pizza. Follow our Air Fryer frozen food guide for showing you how to quickly cook frozen mini pizzas in the air fryer. Simple and delicious our frozen mini pizzas are perfect for a quick snack or when you are craving mini pizza.
Cook Time6 mins
Total Time6 mins
Servings: 4


Recipe Ingredients:

  • Pack Frozen Mini Pizzas


  • Place the grill pan inside of your air fryer.
  • Add as many frozen mini pizzas that will fit without the mini pizzas being on top of each other.
  • Cook for 6 minutes at 160c/320f.


The timings work with any brand of air fryer. You might find it will be difficult with a Tefal Actifry though as it might only fit a small amount of them into the air fryer. I couldn’t recommend a grill pan enough, they are perfect for pizza and stop any sticking to the air fryer basket.
You can read about it on our Air Fryer Accessories list. How many air fryer frozen mini pizzas you can cook at once, depends on the size of your air fryer. We managed to do 7 frozen mini pizzas at the same time.
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Air Fryer Frozen Mini Pizza

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