My Slimming World Speed Food Soup Week

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Welcome to my Slimming World speed food soup week. I am back after being a long time away from Slimming World to share my journey over the next six weeks as I show you my way of doing the Slimming World food optimising plan.

I went from weighing in at over 16 stone to weighing in at below 11 stone. Compared to Dominic that went from nearly 21 stone into the 15 stone bracket.

That was in the winter of 2015 and not so long ago really.

But a lot can happen in that time and we are not where we started, but we are half way back there.

And the reason for this:

How To Start A Food Blog | Introducing Baby Jorge at

He weighed in at just over 7 pounds and was born in September of 2016. I piled on the pounds during pregnancy due to a very bad pregnancy, then I had this cute but incredibly colicky baby.

As he enters his 7th month he still doesn’t sleep through the night and along side the always hungry feeling of breastfeeding I find myself stuck in that trap.

Wanting to eat well, but too tired to even move, working full time and feeling like I am hitting burn out and a lot of other related feelings.

As he sleeps beside me I am well aware that I am well over 13 stone, still wearing my maternity wear and want to look good on the beach which is coming up right now.

My Slimming World Diet Plan Challenges Are Back

So I have set myself a six week challenge to be slimmer for the summer season, I want to bring back the old me and do my own take on Slimming World with my Slimming World Diet Plan Challenges.

Don’t get me wrong I like Slimming World. But I don’t love it 100%. There are things about it that annoy me and the fact that it is about food optimising and that you can change things to suit yourself is perfect for me.

For example whenever I do follow it I never weigh and measure things. I don’t bother much with the healthy extras (I know aren’t I bad?) because I don’t like bread, hate cereal even more and don’t get me started about my hatred for processed foods.

I remember being a teenage target member of Slimming World and living off a diet of tinned pasta. They were horrible and since then I just can’t stomach them.

So when you see the baked beans in tomato sauce and the canned soup in the Slimming World books then think straight away that they will be nowhere near me.

But I will be making sure (as a breast feeding mum) that I get 2 lots of Healthy Extra A’s.

Or an excuse in my world to eat more cheese, after all cheese makes everything taste amazing.

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I am not saying I will never have a Healthy Extra B – but it is far from my plans!

I will also not be counting Syns but having my daily 4 squares of dark chocolate as I am the biggest chocolate addict on the planet and live for my chocolate.

So you could say this is where my syns will be coming from.

If you did want to follow the Slimming World food I am eating, then you could of course swap the dark chocolate for whatever your fix maybe.

This could be red wine, hot chocolates or even digestive biscuits.

And it is always good to have that treat as then it will give you something naughty to reach to everyday.

My First Challenge

My opening weight (I got on those evil scales this morning and weighed in on my Wii Fit) this morning was 84.5 kilos.

Not the fattest I have ever been but far from the thinnest. I am exactly 8 kilos heavier than my first pregnancy appointment and can’t wait to knock off some of these kilos over the coming weeks.

Okay so I was probably a bit extreme when I used to run the challenges in the past. So as I am breastfeeding and want to lose 10% of my body weight (the famous 10% club target on Slimming World) in the first six weeks, I am going to be doing a different theme each week (you will also be able to catch the recipes on here) and that way I wont get bored and can focus on the Slimming World speed foods.

But every week my main principles will be:

  • Dark chocolate every day (we all need chocolate!)
  • 75% of my meals will involve speed foods
  • 2 Healthy Extra A’s per day
  • Loads of other free food
  • Not over eating
  • No snacking
  • 10,000 steps
  • 3 Litres of water per day

I know you are probably thinking that every one should snack on Slimming World, but I rarely ever snack and find myself over eating if I do.

I also plan to watch portion sizes as I see some pictures of people being on Instagram.

If you are new to Slimming World or the weight is not coming off, then consider that there are a lot of free food meals that you could eat that are not nutritious and will not help you lose weight.

For example if I just ate potatoes with melted cheese everyday I would be the size of a house. But with the healthy extra allowances you could do just that.

Also remember everyone, there is nothing better to drink than water. Cup of teas are all well and good but they never give your body the same as what water does.

I used to drink a lot of Diet Coke and I noticed when I quit it that if I had some it was always like a bad hangover as it was stripping my body of its fluids.

What Is Slimming World?

Slimming World is a popular British diet. Its focus is low fat, high carb with no food being off limits.

I always associate it with high carb because 10 years ago it was very much based on plates full of pasta and rice. Though things have changed a fair bit over the years.

Speed Soup Challenge

I absolutely love the speed vegetables that feature in the Slimming World diet. This helped me once upon a time lose weight at the rate of 1 pound a day and I am keen to give it another run out.

If you are wondering what the Slimming World speed foods are then here is the list:

Slimming World | What Is Slimming World Speed Foods from

I will be swapping 2 meals a day with speed soup made with just speed foods.

Then for the other meal I will be focusing on majority speed foods with some protein and other free foods thrown in.

I will also be completing my 10,000 steps on my fitness tracker too and that will help kick start my weight loss. So watch this space for how the weight loss comes along….

Day 1

Slimming World | My Day 1 of a tailormade Slimming World Speed Food Soup Week brought to you by

People may find it really weird that I am having soup for breakfast. But I hate toast and I hate cereal and if you want something that is great for weight loss then a soup really does hit the spot.

The soup I had for breakfast today was butternut squash & Carrot curry soup. We all know that spice speeds up the metabolism and loaded with super speed foods it is a winner in my book.

Then for lunch we had chicken wrapped in bacon with a little soft cheese in between. This was served with a big portion of seasonal vegetables that had been steamed in our Instant Pot.

Then for dinner it was more of the same soup from breakfast. Though I must add I absolutely love butternut squash and if it wasn’t as expensive I would use it as a potato alternative forever.

Today though I am a little unplanned and have no dark chocolate in which is a real shame.

For my exercise today I managed just short of my 10,000 steps via step aerobics on You Tube. If you want exercise and for whatever reason don’t want to go out then seriously look at You Tube.

There is an endless supply of exercise videos and many are perfect for beginners that want to get in their stride.

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Day 2

Slimming World | My Day 2 of a tailormade Slimming World Speed Food Soup Week brought to you by

It is day 2 and time to perfect a new soup recipe in the soup maker. What I have made is a delicious green detox style soup loaded with loads of green vegetables.

It has cabbage, peas, courgette, broccoli and loads of other bits and pieces. I am calling it my eat your greens soup and you can get the recipe here.

The same again for lunch and then in the evening we have a vegetable pasta bake. But the big difference here is that even though it included loads of pasta it was loaded with vegetables.

If you want to enjoy weight loss and eat pasta then don’t go over 1/3 pasta to 2/3s vegetables. I also made a homemade cheese sauce with just healthy extras and no flour or butter.

For my exercise today I was just slightly over the 10,000 steps but I know that I will make it up further by going closer to the 15,000 mark later in the week.

Day 3

Slimming World | My Day 3 of a tailormade Slimming World Speed Food Soup Week brought to you by

It is more of my favourite green soup for breakfast. It is a great health kick and it tastes so good too.

Though we didn’t have any for lunch today as we were recipe testing and fancied something different.

Introducing….my carrot risotto. I mean this is amazing. Carrots instead of rice. This fills your plate with speed foods and along with dairy from your Healthy Extra B’s it is heaven on a plate.

If someone asked me what my favourite ever diet recipe is, then I would say this. Plus if you used a grater you could have carrot tagliatelle instead.

Then for dinner today we had Pasta with a homemade cheese sauce (syn free of course) with some Bolognese.

It was wonderful though the comment from the  boys was “delicious but not enough” so I think it passed their taste test.

I have found that my body loves to have chocolate after meals. I am terrible for that. It is like a reward after eating which none of us should do…BUT I used to smoke and chocolate replaced my cigarettes.

But now I am sticking to just 1 square instead of 6 and hopefully this will help.

For steps today I find I achieve quite a few from natural housework. Today I am off work while the hubby is hard at it in the office.

This means the likes of recipe testing and cleaning can clock up quite a lot of steps.

I also do just over 10,000 steps today and I am hoping for a big steps day tomorrow.

Though it is amazing how many steps I can do just from looking after a baby, a toddler and cleaning a house.

Day 4

Slimming World | My Day 4 of a tailormade Slimming World Speed Food Soup Week brought to you by

It is Saturday and a day I love to bake so this is going to be an interesting one! For breakfast I made a delicious cabbage soup and I just love how quickly things are cooked thanks to my soup maker.

Then for lunch we have turkey noodles with loads and loads of vegetables. There are more vegetables than noodles and turkey and that is how it should be!

Then for dinner we have some cabbage soup but this time we have it with the last of the turkey strips that we have leftover from lunch and some low syn potato wedges.

I also have a chocolate binge today and go from my usual 20g to 40g of dark chocolate but you only live once.

Plus I partly put this down to the fact that I had a lot more exercise today and my body needs replacements.

I did about 16,000 steps and out of this it included a 3km power walk while my 6 month son was in his baby carrier on me and a 45 minute home Zumba class.

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Day Off

It is Sunday and we have had a bad nights sleep with a colicky baby. The normal urge to eat loads of rubbish all day has to be ignored!

Or does it?

I always find that if I have a weigh in on a Monday that all I want to do on a Sunday is eat a load of rubbish and often I do.

Plus on a Sunday are we not supposed to spend the day on the sofa watching movies and doing nothing else?

Well today I am having a day off. A day free of diets, a day free of counting Syns and of course a day free of counting steps.

I love to have days like this halfway through the week so that I have no expectations and it gets all those cravings out of the body.

I used to have a Slimming World cheat day when I was on Slimming World as a teen. Every week on the night I got weighed I would go to the fish and chip shop.

I hated fish (still do now) and would have chips, scraps and gravy. Probably the highest syn items on the menu. But it was my weekly treat and it felt so good.

So I bet you are wondering if you are cheating how far did I go? Well I didn’t go as far as you would expect. I don’t want to ruin everything.

I had my soup as usual for breakfast, then for lunch I had another round of carrot rice this time with some fat free beef steak.

Then for dinner I syned on a HUGE carb binge. You can guarantee that it was ALL BAD. I had bread for the first time in about 3 years and had wholemeal bread rolls with Dominic’s delicious homemade chicken liver pate.

And trust me, it is as high Syn as you get. Plus I reckon he puts a lot more butter in it than the recipe says.

I had no butter on my bread and my bread would count as HEB if I actually bothered to use them.

Then I had it with some chips cooked with a tablespoon of olive oil in the Airfryer and a big spoonful of mayonnaise.

Take off the pate and from a syn point of view you are talking less than 4 and as its just 2 small rolls there is not a huge amount of pate involved.

But what bothers me is the lack of vegetables. It is unhealthy rather than high calorie and it comes back to the fact that not all calories are equal.

But who cares, it tasted good and I will be eating a lot of speed foods tomorrow!

Oh and I did manage some steps and hit about the 5000 steps mark. So its better than none at all.

Day 5

Slimming World | My Day 5 of a tailormade Slimming World Speed Food Soup Week brought to you by

It is Monday and I have a weird body. Because I didn’t have proper exercise yesterday I woke up with a deep need for a run.

I got up, got dressed and ran for 20 minutes followed by a 10 minute walk.

This covered the distance of 3.9km and the furthest I have run since I became pregnant.

I did used to do 5 or 6km without thinking about it, but I was 2 stone lighter then and so much fitter.

I have been following videos on You Tube to get me fit and it has worked a treat. I think there will be a lot more running coming my way.

I will just have to get up earlier as it is now getting hot in Portugal on a morning.

For breakfast I had vegetable soup. It was just a case of throwing in the vegetables and hoping for the best.

I always have my soup smooth. BUT the pate was still sat in the blender, so I went chunky!

Then for lunch we had a delicious vegetable frittata. It is basically a flourless quiche and is loaded with speed vegetables, eggs and a bit of cheese. It is literally lunch time heaven!

Then in the evening I have just an apple. I was supposed to be having more of my chunky soup BUT I didn’t feel like much so opted for some sliced apple.

Plus of course I managed to squeeze in my chocolate today. I always have 2 rows of dark chocolate a day.

One row after lunch and one during the evening while I am watching TV. Each row is 3 squares and it brings my total daily chocolate habit to 40g or 10.5 Syns.

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Day 6

Slimming World | My Day 6 of a tailormade Slimming World Speed Food Soup Week brought to you by

If you have ever been a member of a Slimming group you will know that the day before you get weighed you have this anxiety hanging over you. Have you lost weight?

Have you maintained? Did you gain? You then end up being the dream dieter on the last day, just to make up for when you were bad during the week and just to help squeeze another ¼ of a pound off your weight.

But I have ran this week, I have walked, I have kicked my butt thanks to You Tube and Step Aerobics.

I have also eaten loads of soups, attempted to cut down my chocolate, so hopefully the scales will be kind!

For breakfast today, I have the rest of the chunky soup that I had leftover from yesterday.

Then for lunch it is another frittata. This time though we were recipe testing it for the blog so the recipe will be coming soon.

Then I had a few bad hours, felt poorly and got through about 750 calories of the most delicious creamy strawberry chocolate in the world.

I gave up on most of Cadburys and Galaxy chocolate when I moved to Portugal as it is super expensive and this is my Plan B.

I then didn’t eat anything that night because I was still poorly.

So just before weigh in here I am bingeing on chocolate. But hey I LOVE chocolate!

Therefore if I lose weight tomorrow you could say I lost xxxx of weight while bingeing on chocolate and that certainly makes an interesting headline!

Slimming World Speed Soup Food Week

This week is my first week to re-enter the Slimming World diet. The last time I was on it properly was a decade ago and I have also loosely followed it a couple of years ago to lose the baby weight after having my daughter.

Here I am after having my third (and last for that matter) son and its actually great fun getting back into it.

I had forgotten how much I liked it, but now it feels like Slimming World has really improved and has gone away from those red and green days that used to drive me crazy trying to understand.

Plus now it feels like there is a lesser influence on processed foods and more on wholesome foods. Living in Portugal it feels partly like the Mediterranean diet.

Just minus the delicious olive oil. But I think I could live without olive oil for just a few short weeks while I get my body back.

For this soup speed week though I would suggest: 

  • Invest in a soup maker – they make life so easy and the soup tastes so good. Plus it works like a kettle so you can just throw things in and then have delicious meals.
  • There are a LOT of vegetables that are considered as speed foods so mix things up to suit your favourite foods.

Talking Numbers

So here I am at the end of week 1 and my soup speed food week. I have put my body through a lot of exercise, eaten well, loved lots of soup and best of all I have lost 2.1 kilos which is just short of 4.5 pounds.

Well without further introduction it is as follows:

  • Starting Weight = 13st4/84.5 Kilos
  • Current Weight = 12st13.5
  • Jeans Size = size 16

So a day off from this and then I will be back to it again tomorrow! Next week though it is going to be about getting the slow cooker out for some delicious meals, so watch this space for what gets created next.

From an exercise point of view, my total steps for the week worked out at an average of 13,000 a day. Then for Syns I averaged out 17 Syns a day with most days just having my dark chocolate.

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Now Take Action

You have watched over  my shoulder as I have had a week of great food, great exercise and a 4.5 pound weight loss.

First of all we suggest that you start by saving this graphic so that you are aware of all the Slimming World Speed Foods:

Slimming World | What Is Slimming World Speed Foods from

Then choose how you are going to make them the star of every meal for the next 7 days.

Have soup like us, cook lots of steamed vegetables with your proteins or even have them in breakfast smoothies.

Then up your game on your steps and see how many you can fit in throughout the week.

If you can aim for an average of 10,000 a day over 7 days you will be amazed at the results. You could do exercise DVDs, walk, run, swim or even cycle.

And don’t forget to save the graphic below so that you have easy access for when you start your own speed food Slimming World Week:

Slimming World | How I Lost 4.5 Pounds On Slimming World in 6 days brought to you by

And check below for the recipes that we featured this week:

5 Slimming World Speed Soup Recipes

Slimming World | The best Slimming World soup Recipes brought to you by

#1 – Slimming World Spicy Butternut Squash Soup

Slimming World Recipes | Slimming World Curried Butternut Squash Soup In The Soup Maker recipe from

I love spicy butternut squash soup and it always tastes like it should be really high in calories but never is.

Plus by adding a bit of spice to your butternut squash you can kick start your metabolism at the same time.

#2 – Slimming World Eat Your Greens Greek Soup

Slimming World Recipes | Greek Eat Your Greens Slimming World Speed Soup In The Soup Maker recipe from

Add loads of flavour of Greece to loads of vegetables and you have this delicious Syn free Greek inspired soup.

It is full of body and your kids will love this if you serve it up when they come home from school.

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#3 – Slimming World Chunky Vegetable Soup

Slimming World Recipes | Slimming World Chunky Vegetable Speed Soup In The Soup Maker recipe from

Loads of chunky seasonal vegetables, loads of seasoning = this delicious chunky vegetable soup that is perfect for Slimming World.

You can also change the ingredients to reflect what is in season or what vegetables are cheapest.

#4 – Slimming World Carrot & Coriander Soup

Slimming World Recipes | Slimming World Carrot & Coriander Soup In The Soup Maker recipe from

A delicious classic soup that is perfect for if you want to kick start your weight loss or if you want a delicious soup for serving at lunch time.

#5 – Slimming World Super Speed Soup

Slimming World Recipes | Slimming World Super Speed Soup in the Soup Maker recipe from

Throwing in all the best seasonal speed vegetables into one delicious soup.

Perfect for helping you with your weight loss or for something to fill you up at lunch time with some warm wholemeal bread.

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Or you can check this link for a whole range of Slimming World Books.

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  1. Hi, I have recently joined SW and have found your recipes while looking for speed soups. I’m very interested in the carrot risotto but can’t find the recipe. Can you help please?

  2. Thankyou so much this is so helpful I’m just starting on my SW journey not actually committed to it as yet , just checking out all the successful people like yourself and it’s totally inspirational, I followed WW and lost 3 stone , I think possibly SW is my way forward. I feel so bad at gaining weight recently just took my foot of the gas and now back on this journey of losing weight again and feeling good about myself 👏


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