Whole 30 Oil Free Pumpkin French Fries

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Welcome to my Whole 30 Oil Free Pumpkin French Fries recipe.

Welcome to my Whole 30 Oil Free Pumpkin French Fries recipe. A delicious alternative to white potatoes and perfect for a whole range of diets and healthy lifestyles.

They fit in with the Whole 30, Slimming World, 5:2 diet, Paleo and Weight Watchers. Thanks to the fact that they cook with ZERO oil and are very low in calories.

But don’t let the low calories or the lack of oil put you off as these taste totally amazing.

I originally designed this recipe for Slimming World then I got into the Whole 30 and felt that I needed them more for the Whole 30.

So here you go Whole 30 vs Slimming World Pumpkin French Fries.

So what’s so special about these? And why Pumpkin in June?

Well let me tell you that pumpkins are not just for Halloween and pumpkin is a fantastic all year round vegetable that is perfect for making French Fries whenever you have that crazy craving.

We get our pumpkin from the supermarket maybe once a fortnight. They’re so big that they can last a full 2 weeks and can then be sliced, placed in the fridge and then we use them whenever we want some.

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It could be made into French Fries (like in this recipe), pumpkin wedges, cubed for just something quick to eat or even used to make some pumpkin mash.

It can then be your go to if you are on the Paleo diet and want a quick alternative to your old white potato habit.

So think again about when to buy pumpkin and that it has other uses than just pumpkin pie (which we love too BTW).

But the best thing of all about the pumpkin is that because it is naturally wet you can cook Pumpkin French Fries in the Airfryer with absolutely no oil or fat.

Just throw them in, bypass the oil stage and then watch as they crisp up. Then season them and serve them us with a healthy tomato ketchup and all of a sudden you have real delicious French Fries that are so healthy you could eat them 3 times a day and still feel good.

Whole 30 Oil Free Pumpkin French Fries

Prep Time5 mins
Cook Time15 mins
Total Time20 mins
Servings: 2



  • Peel the pumpkin remove the seeds and slice into French Fries.
  • Place them in the Airfryer at 200c for 15 minutes.
  • Half way through, shake and season with the thyme, mustard and salt and pepper.
  • Serve hot with tomato ketchup.


The pumpkin weight is with the skin on, seeds still in before it has been sliced and deseeded.
If you don’t do grams then base the weight on the shapes of if you were using white potatoes. For example if I wanted some fries I would chop one large potato per person, so you could go with that format.
You can also alter the seasoning for what you are eating with the pumpkin. Such as Mexican Seasoning for a Cajun feast.
Its important that you cook the pumpkin at 200c. This is because it’s a wet vegetable and needs to get really hot for it to give you a crispy French Fries style coating.
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Whole 30 | Whole 30 Oil Free Pumpkin French Fries Recipe from RecipeThis.com

Whole 30 Day 27

I am back with my day 27 on the Whole 30. Four days and counting….. I think this what you end up doing towards the end of the plan. What we are going to have as your first cheat after the Whole 30, how much we are planning on sticking to the Whole 30 in the future and whether or not it was easy or not to follow.

For me I am just missing the 2 C’s – chocolate and cheese. The 2 things that whenever I wipe them out of my diet that I truly feel it. I can cope perfectly without them for a day or 2 but after that I start to go a bit crazy.

But I am on day 27 and those memories of eating soft cheese in a cheesecake or melted cheese on toast are long gone.

What I ATE On Day TWENTY SEVEN Of The Whole 30

Whole 30 | Find out about our Whole 30 Meal Plan during day 27 of the Whole 30 Challenge from RecipeThis.com

Today has been a great day, after all it is our last Saturday on the Whole 30 and come next Saturday I can eat something with carbs in or sink my teeth into some delicious cheese on toast.

Breakfast = Fruit Salad

Lunch = Vegetable Frittata

Dinner = Bunless Burger & Fries

For breakfast I start the day on a delicious fruit salad. I love fruit and when you are not feeling that hungry in the morning it can give you a really good buzz. Plus it is now getting really hot in the Algarve and nothing is better than watermelon to help with the hydration.

Then for lunch we have one of Dominic’s frittatas with some pumpkin fries. I mean if you are on the Whole 30 you NEED a frittata. They are just so good. Think a quiche just without the crust. Loaded with lots of eggs, vegetables and coconut oil. It is truly a healthy food heaven moment!

Plus add to this serving them with pumpkin fries and you have an AMAZING Whole 30 LUNCH.

Then in the evening for dinner it is a bunless hearty burger with salad and some fries. If you are like me and are missing your home comforts while on the Whole 30 then you need this.

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Eating Out On The Whole 30

One of the hardest things to do is eat out on the Whole 30. Most people avoid it on the Whole 30 while others leave the whole 30 early because they have some eating out to do.

I know people that due to health complaints follow the Whole 30 (or Paleo) every single day and they eat out all the time. So surely if you’re on the Whole 30 you could manage to do it for 30 days only?

Course you could.

Find somewhere that does food that is healthier than usual or that has a lot of healthy options. Or if you get desperate elect for the salad.

We ate out a couple of times recently. The first time (is as you know the inspiration for the recipe above) and the second time was to our favourite café. They do a meal deal for 7€ where you get a homemade dish, a drink and a pudding. We obviously skipped the dessert this time, had water for a drink and had a hearty salad.

Though it is one of those places that is hit or miss to whether or not it is Whole 30 friendly. Some times the meal of the day is baked chicken and vegetables, a chicken casserole or for anti Whole 30 it can sometimes be pasta.

We decided to give it a go during our Whole 30 to see what was on the menu. The options was one dish that I was allergic to, or another dish was my favourite seafood pasta dish.

So I went with the delicious prawn and pineapple salad.

Whole 30 | Whole 30 Eating Out from RecipeThis.com.

Only problem is that it came with sweetcorn. But I am good at this picky eating and avoided the sweetcorn part of it:

Whole 30 | Whole 30 non compliant food when you are eating out on the Whole 30 from RecipeThis.com.

Then my 2.5 year old girl decided to dig into it, so there was no food waste. Plus she has a great appetite and had already mastered a burger, loads of bread and plenty of vegetables.

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Take Action

Now how about joining me in your own Whole 30? Join me in the whole 30 diet challenge and have 30 full days of delicious home cooked meals. Get better, get rid of the health problems associated with a bad diet and fall in love with food all over again.

You can find out more about the Whole 30 here or read the rest of our Whole 30 posts here.

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