Whole 30 Oil Free Sticky Pumpkin Wedges

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Welcome to my Whole 30 Oil Free Sticky Pumpkin Wedges recipe.

Welcome to my Whole 30 Oil Free Sticky Pumpkin Wedges recipe.

A delicious alternative to white potato wedges with such a sweet flavour that you wouldn’t be able to stop at just one.

Yesterday on the blog I showed you how to make Pumpkin French Fries without oil and today I wanted to show you how to make wedges with your pumpkin instead.

Pumpkin cooked in the Airfryer is just amazing and its one of those low calorie miracles.

Until you have tried it and given it the Airfryer experience, you just wont realise just how good it is.

But why pumpkin wedges?

Well the stroke of genius when it comes to Pumpkin Wedges is the fact that pumpkin doesn’t get as wet if you cook it within its skin, this then makes it a lot firmer like when you are cooking traditional potatoes.

Plus add to the fact that pumpkin is known as a sweet treat too, it means you don’t have to add much to it for it to taste really good when sticky and sweet.

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Either way I am sold on it. You cut the pumpkin into huge wedges, throw them in the Airfryer with some seasoning and then let the Airfryer do the work for you.

It cooks them really quickly and then serve them with my Paleo ranch dressing and its great for date night or for a girls night in.

Its also the kind of thing that my toddler daughter loves to share with me. We have it often, though she would rather just eat the dip, as sauce is her obsession at the moment.

Therefore if you have kids that refuse their vegetables give them this option and you never know they might actually eat it.

Whole 30 Oil Free Sticky Pumpkin Wedges

Prep Time5 mins
Cook Time25 mins
Total Time30 mins
Servings: 2



  • Slice your half of the pumpkin into medium sized wedges and place it into the grill pan inside of your Airfryer.
  • Cook for 20 minutes at 180c.
  • Open the Airfryer and sprinkle them with half of your seasonings, lime and vinegar. Then using tongs turn them over, sprinkle the rest of the ingredients and then cook for a further 5 minutes on the other side at 200c.
  • Serve with ranch dressing.


My pumpkin was 2.5 kilos (5.5 pounds) before I started slicing it up, so if you think half of this weight for doing your wedges.
If you don’t have a grill pan for your Airfryer then this is the one we have.
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Whole 30 | Whole 30 Oil Free Sticky Pumpkin Wedges Recipe from RecipeThis.com

Whole 30 Day 28

I am back with my day 28 on the Whole 30. It is hard to believe that I have done a full 4 weeks on the Whole 30.

That is 28 days without any chocolate, crisps, pasta, rice or cheese. I didn’t think it would be this hard, but I did it and I made it 4 weeks clean of the rubbish.

I have had 28 days of the hubby moaning about life without cheese and chocolate and I am looking forward to in 3 days from now being able to eat what I like again.

Though many people say they have done it for 28 days what is the point in doing it for any longer and they quit right now. But seriously an extra 2 days is nothing!

What I ATE On Day TWENTY EIGHT Of The Whole 30

Whole 30 | Find out about our Whole 30 Meal Plan during day 28 of the Whole 30 Challenge from RecipeThis.com

Today has been a busy day. Mondays is the busiest day of the week and I always wonder why there is never enough hours in the day.

This means I often rush when it comes to my food and don’t always give it much consideration, but Dominic has done me proud today with some lovely meals.

Breakfast = Watermelon

Lunch = Steak & Pumpkin Wedges

Dinner = Chicken Salad

For breakfast (as it is getting much warmer) I have some watermelon to quench my thirst.

It really does make me feel so good and its amazing that it can taste so good and be so low in calories.

Then at lunch time we have some steak with these pumpkin wedges. It is just so good and so easy to make.

The pumpkin wedges are also very good if you’re looking for an alternative to regular fries.

Fast forward to the evening and it is the turn of a chicken salad. Crispy whole chicken cooked in the Airfryer, added to a salad and then served with homemade mayonnaise.

Breastfeeding On The Whole 30

Whole 30 | Whole 30 Quotes from RecipeThis.com.

I am a breastfeeding mum on the Whole 30. As I hit day 26 my youngest son turned 8 months old. There have been a lot of discussion lately over whether you should do the Whole 30 when breastfeeding or not.

Well there is no simple answer really. As some of us need more to produce breast milk and others need less. There is also the question about what point in your breastfeeding journey you are at.

For example for me, my son is already eating pureed vegetables and therefore requires less breastmilk.

But if it was during his first month I wouldn’t have done the Whole 30 because it would be at a time when he was establishing his supply.

My advice is to wait until the 12th week into breastfeeding before you complete the Whole 30.

Then prior to that avoid all junk food, fast food and processed foods. I would also recommend that you increase your good fats so that you can produce your milk.

Breastfeeding does make you more hungry. I have found this after doing the Whole 30 at 2 separate times.

Once as a breastfeeding mum and another as not being a breastfeeding mum. So expect to need a little bit more fruit or seeds than you would normally eat.

Plus feeling deprived as you hit the end of your Whole 30.

But overall there is no reason that as a breastfeeding mum that you shouldn’t do the Whole 30. As I write this I am in my last 3 days and feel so glad having done it.

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Take Action

Now how about joining me in your own Whole 30? Join me in the whole 30 diet challenge and have 30 full days of delicious home cooked meals.

Get better, get rid of the health problems associated with a bad diet and fall in love with food all over again.

You can find out more about the Whole 30 here or read the rest of our Whole 30 posts here.

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